Fight against MSEB to cut down load shading

Being the first MLA of Dombivli Constituency I represented not only Dombivlikars but also all the residents of Maharashtra against MSEB.

I fought legal battle against MSEB in Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission I got success after 3 years and today Dombivli is load shading FREE.

Today the last phase of underground cabling is in process. When I informed commission about the commercial charges are charged for the household businesses such evil tariff was dropped I am the only “lok pratineedhee” in the region of Mumbai to kokan who fights against the Electricity Regulatory Commission Electricity problem was faced due to insufficient supply through “jan andolan” I succeeded to get sanction for the 100Kv electricity supply.

This will make sure the continuous power supply to Dombivli and nearby villages. This issue was pending for more than 15 years.

To make Dombivli Pollution free city

Chemical water management

I was instrumental to get a sanction from Municipal Corporation to lay a direct pipeline from CETP complex to creek. This has resulted in reduction of Inconvenience caused due to pollution.

Industries will get a pipeline gas

The usage of Furnace Oil and coal in the industrial belt causes the pollution, to reduce this I appealed Hon. Chief Minister to provide gas through pipeline this will reduce the pollution and industries will remain unaffected. This has got the sanction from the Mahanagar Gas Company.

Voice against Pollution in Dombivli City

I consistently raised my voice against the pollution in Dombivli and Mr.Sachin Ahir Hon Minister for Environment visited the city. Which has resulted in the startup of few projects to reduce the pollution.

Work For Labour

The pay scale related issue of 318 daily wages workers was pending for more than 14 years. I successfully solved the issue and 318 workers became permanent in Municipal Corporation. I was instrumental to establish the “Bhartiya Janta Kamgaar mahasangh The mahasangh has more than 1200 workers as members along with 3200 Rickshaw Union members  and 1400 house hold workers.

Ration office for Dombivli East

Initially dombivli west ration office was the only ration office for the Dombivlikars. Which was insufficient to provide the services to Dombivlikars. I was constantly trying to get a sanction for another ration office and today Dombivli east ration office is started. For the better and faster service immediately two computers and printers were installed.

New police station for Tilaknagar

Due to increased criminal activities I got the sanction for the additional tilaknagar police station for the safety of Dombivlikars.

Supply of cooking Gas through pipeline

I was trying to get a sanction for the Supply of cooking Gas through pipeline since 2010, which minimizes the efforts to get a gas cylinder. This project will be completed in a short span of time and will give a relief to ladies. This project is proposed to Mumbai Gas Company.

Slum free Dombivli

I tried to get a sanction for BSUP Scheme for Dombivli and under the said Scheme residents of Ambedkar Nagar got their owned houses. I am trying to get a sanction for ‘Cluster Development’ and ‘SRA Scheme’ for Dombivli. For this I am consistently raising voice in assembly.

Efforts for Railway Passengers

There are four railway stations in Dombivli constituency i.e Dombivli,Thakurli,Kopar and Apper Kopar. Majority of the residents are daily travelers. Railway authorities was neglecting the problems faced by the travelers and to protest such negligence Mumbai DRM office was locked and compelled them to perform their duties.

I started the five closed booking windows of Dombivli west and pressurized the authorities to increase the reservation counters. I instructed the contractor who takes care of CVM machines installed at Dombivli East and West to maintain the machines properly else he will loose the contract.

The five number platform height was increased thus resulted in minimizing the gap between the railway foot board and platform.

  • Increased the height of platforms in Thakurli Railway station.
  • Increased the number of fans installed at Dombivli station        
  • I got the sanction for the DP road near the Mahila Samiti thakurli from Railway authority
  • I got the sanction for The railway FOB near Mothagaon- Dombivli(W) railway crossing
  • I am following up with railway authorities to increase the width of platforms of Thakurli railway station
  • I am aggressively trying to get a sanction for additional FOB for Thakurli Station at Kalyan end 
  • Pay and Park facility
  • I compelled authorities to make a facility of pay and park for daily travelers.such pay and park facility is available at two place in Dombivli east and opposite dwarka hotel in dombivli west
  • I got the sanction for the flyover from mothagaon to mankoli. Land acquisition work is in process for this project
  • I got the sanction for monorail from MMRDA
  • I convinced the authorities for the escalators facility installed at east and west side of Dombivli station. This is a huge relief for pregnant ladies, handicapped personnel’s and for senior citizens

SETU office for Dombivli

Kalyan is the only taluka in Maharashtra which has two SETU offices. I tried to start the SETU office in dombivli.The official certificates such as PAN card or domicile certificates are distributed free of cost to thousands of Dombivlikars.

Water scarcity

I successfully solved the pending issue of water supply of Rajunagar and Deshmukh homes

I tried to get a sanction to increase the Barvi dam height and got the success. I am trying to get the maximum share of increased water for kalyan dombivli Municipal Corporation

Work for betterment of Roads

  1. Concretization of roads was the only option left for the betterment of roads. I constantly raised my voice for this issue in assembly and successfully got the sanction of Rs.327 crores for KDMC. The fund was for Nanded. Today concretization of roads is in process.
  2. Flyover to connect Dombivli East and West
  3. I got the sanction for the additional flyover which will connect Dombivli east and West. This flyover will connect the city from S.V.Joshi High School in Dombivli East and Bavan Chawl in Dombivli west.

Govindwadi Bypass

I started the movement for kalyan bypass before I elected as MLA. I got the sanction and through MSRDC the work is in process

Successfully reconstructed Bavan chawl roads

Railway authorities neglected the bavan chawl roads for a long time I successfully did the job and today the road is constructed properly. Even MP failed to do this task.

Saved people from wrong affidavit presented by Government

More than One lac families were affected because of a wrong affidavit presented by Government. Affected families were on the verge of becoming homeless in this complicated situation I initiated a movement and organized a ‘morcha’ to stop the injustice caused on the basis of Vasai pition. I raised this issue in session and got a stay from hon.court on this illegal act and proved that government is ignoring its own policy of “First rehabilitation and then Displacement”.

Me and Hon.MLA. Gopal Shetty with other members of BJP and Shivsena raised the issue of Deemed Conveyance and forced government to clear the deemed conveyance which relived all the residents of Maharashtra.

Dombivlikar Calendar

When trying to bring the different personalities in limelight dombivlikar calendar concept was born. To cover 144 people from 12 different fields at a time with their activities gives us a great pleasure. With this, field related information is printed on the back side which gives a collectable value to the calendar. In short this calendar is the ‘mini directory’ of dombivli.

Dombivlikar rose festival and rose society and rose garden

Dombivlikar had organized ‘rose exhibition’ three years back with the consideration of articulate approach of dombivlikars. The overwhelming response forced to conduct the exhibition every year. This exhibition got its status due to the nearby nurseries and rose guide dr.Mhaskar. The enthusiasm among the people forced dombivlikar to form a rose society to inform the activities in this field. We have developed a ‘rose garden’ in dombivli west where 600 rose plants are planted.

Dombivlikar NRI parent’s society

Today almost in all cities of India many of the parents are leaving lonely life; dombivli is not an exception to that. One who has enjoyed the joint family life feels it more hard and senior citizens suffers a lot. There are so many other problems faced by these senior citizens where they find it difficult to solve the issues.for those parents, only Dombivlikar NRI society is formed. This society will organize the gatherings where cumulatively such issues will be resolved.

Artists Promotion

Actors like Prashant Damle and his life graph is motivation to all new comers. Dombvlikar has always tried to organize interviews of successful artists from this interviews newcomers in this field get the inspiration. Till date dombivlikar has organized the interviews of successful artists like Dhanajy Bhosekar, Mithilesh Patankar. Dombivlikar has always tried to promote the films of dombivlis pride Ravi Jadhav, Mahesh Limaye, and actors like Mrinal Kulkarni,Sameer Gaikwad.

Dombivlikars Sponsorships

As a social commitment, Dombivlikar has always helped various projects and Organizations in the form of sponsorship or promoting their events. Dombivlis very famous consumer fair ‘Utsav’ Tilaknagar Ganpati Mandal, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Swarteerth Sudhir Phadke Smruti Samiti, Vithai mazi are few of them. Apart from sponsorships and promotions, Dombivlikar has published books written by esteemed personalities.

Three years ago on the occasion of ‘Women day Dombivlikar took initiative and formed ‘Dombivlikar Women’s Forum’.Dr.Swati Gadgil and Mrs.Snehal Dixit took active participation in the formation of the forum. As a response to forums appeal many alert residents joined this social movement.

I took an active participation in availing the benefits of ‘Mahila Yojana’ to the house hold workers. Computer coaching was organized for the women with a primary objective of making them understand the basics of computers. More than 1200 women were benefited from this Two month course. 

Promotion of reading culture and writers

Dombivlikar published a book and Videos of lectures addressed by Mr. Sachhinandand Shevde and started promoting writers. This kind of promotion has like a stimulus package for writers.‘Pai’s Friends Library’ has done a wonderful job for the promotion of reading culture in dombivli, the library has established many branches in Dombivli and offers a range of books to its members. Recently Friend Library had organized granth Dindi” on the occasion of Readers Day. Dombivlikar actively participated and supported this unique concept.

Motivational activities for Youth

  1. To motivate the youngsters every year a Grand organization of “Dahi Handi” is organized. The main feature of this dahihandi is the usage of safety equipments used for the ‘Govindas’ 
  2. Ganshotsav contest is organized to promote the hidden artists and to motivate them.
  3. Dombvlikar always supports the festivals organized like K.V.Pendharkar college’s “Dhyas” and “E-Logic” of Model College.

The first constituency protected by CCTV Cameras

Daily thousands of people come in Dombivli and become the residents of this city. This has increased population increases the criminal activities in the city. The residents of dombivli were constrained of the criminal activities and many complaints were received. Even the police system was not sufficient to prevent these activities. I took an initiative by installing CC TV cameras in all major parts of the city and Dombivli became the first constituency of having the CC TV cameras protection.

Ambulance Service

For the quick and prompt medication for residents of dombivli ambulance service was started. As of now, Two ambulances are in service. Hon. Narendra Modi has inaugurated this service.

Blood Bank and Plazma Component Blood bank 

‘Save life by donating blood’ with this prime objective a sophisticated blood bank was established which has proved an asset for the needy.

20th September- A ‘Sankalpdin’

By keeping in mind the scarcity of blood I decided to make my birthday as ‘sankalpdin’ to collect 5000 blood bags. The donors' response was awesome and 3996 blood bags were collected from various parts of Thane District. It was a record in the District and in a true manner ‘sankalpdin’ was celebrated. This was a unique attempt in the district the entire credit goes to the blood donors.

Educational Activities

School going players got the class of District level and they started getting additional 25 marks from sports quota. Successfully organizes chess competition. Every year State level tournament is organized for Table tennis at Dombivli Gymkhana and yash Gymkhana. More than 900players participates in the tournament. I am trying to get a sanction for additional sports complex in the city.

The first Book Bank    

More than 15 thousand students are benefited by the first and biggest Book bank in the state. I am trying to establish a sophisticated education center in the city. Every year scholarship is offered to the needy students and distributes books and notebooks.  

Career guidance and counseling seminars

Organized seminars for the youth who wants to establish a career in Banking sector along with organization of practice tests. We invited famous personalities from various fields like insurance, banking, air lines who has given guidance about their respective fields. I am committed to conduct these seminars which are beneficial for the youth.

I compelled Mumbai University to conduct the re examination when malpractices in examination were disclosed, thus saved an important academic year of thousands.

Competitive Examination Guidance Academy

More than 300 youngsters are benefited from the seminars conducted by the academy. The prime objective is to give proper guidance to those who wish to appear various competitive exams.

I Love Made In India

This public movement was started to establish the local businesses and to stop the penetration of Chinese goods in the market. As Chinese dumping policy is a threat to our economy.

Fight to save Shree Pimpleshwar Mahadev Mandir

Mrs. Fernandis an IPS officer was trying to acquire the land of Shree Pimpleswar Mahadev Mandir, an old shiv mandir in dombivli. I stood with the locals and took active participation in legal battle.