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With utmost humbleness I feel proud to denote my career path and the projects carried out successfully by me. I was and I am just a medium of execution and there are many participants in the successful execution of these projects. A list of projects is still in progress and I am committed to make them a success by chasing them to satisfactory conclusion.

In the year 2005 I was appointed as The President of Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (Kalyan), a Youth wing of Bharatiya Janata Party and was entrusted a responsibility of cultivating Party principles and work culture in young activists and to motivate and organize them to achieve party objectives at state and national level.

October 2005

Elected as a Corporator of Bharatiya Janata Party – BJP from ward no. 96, Swatantryaveer Sawarkar Road of Dombivali City, Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra State

October 2006

Elected as the Member of Standing Committee

October 2007

Elected as the Chairman of Standing Committee

Few of the public issues which have been effectively controlled to benefit the residents of Dombivali

Electricity Supply / Load shedding

Since 2005 we have successfully coordinated with MSEB to minimize the load shedding. Earlier the load shedding in Dombivali area was scheduled for 6 hours a day which after rigorous follow up has brought down to 2.5 hours a day. We emphasized on the track record of timely bill payment by the residents of Dombivali and successfully managed to get a considerable reduction in the number of hours of load shedding. This has benefited not only the resident community but the surrounding industrial area and the business community of Dombivali too 

Water Supply from MIDC

Rapidly increasing population of Dombivali had caused a severe shortage of water in the city and since 2007 I have been functional in chasing the issue of getting more water supply for the city from MIDC. Till date the negotiations are on with MIDC and other concerned authorities to get an additional water supply to facilitate the residents to satisfy their very basic need. We have reached half way on solving this serious issue and soon Dombivali city would enjoy the adequate water supply

Improvement / Development of Thakurli Railway Station Area

The residents of Thakurli Railway station area were suffering from prolonged and unattended issues like unusable urinal on railway platform, reconstruction of bridge, narrow and congested approach road to Thakurli station etc. Despite of several attempts to bring the issues to the concerned authorities and improve the same a small movement was organized against the authorities. I actively participated in a fasting movement(“Uposhan”) with Mrs. Pramila Shrikar Chaudhari, a BJP corporator from Thakurli area . The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) had to visit personally and have a review of the problems faced by the daily commuters and residents of the area. Our efforts succeeded and the issues brought to the notice of the authorities were resolved. This has resulted in widening the road parallel to the railway tracks, reconstruction of the bridge over the railway tracks and repairing of a urinal. Now this area has become cleaner, safer and convenient to the daily commuters. 

Distance minimization between Dombivali and Kalyan

Serious efforts are being put in to reduce the road distance between Dombivali and Kalyan by constructing a road parallel to railway line betwteen Dombivali and Kalayan thus bringing these two cities closer. This will help improve the commercial activities between two areas and commutation will be easier and faster 

Rickshaw Owners and Drivers Union

I have actively participated and taken initiative in the formation of Dombivali Rickshaw Owners and Drivers union under the banner of Bharatiya Janata Party. The objective was to facilitate better coordination between the Rickshaw passengers, RTO, Municipal Authorities and Rickshaw Owners and Drivers. This has resulted in peaceful operations of rickshaws in Dombivali and all the concerned entities are satisfied thus enjoining affordable and peaceful service of auto rickshaws. Today either passengers or rickshaw owners and drivers can come to the union and resolve any issues or disputes occurring in the context of fares, parking, illegal or false permits etc. Today the stength of this union has grown to 2500+ members 

Pay Scale Issue of the Corporation Officers & Labors

The pay scale related issue was pending unsolved since 14 years and the officers and labors of the corporation were expressing the disagreement over the same. I had put efforts to bridge the gap of communication between the officers and the labors and the higher authorities of corporation to negotiate on this issue. The efforts were successful and the pay scale revision was negotiated in the benefit of the the said staff. 

Aid to Senior Citizen

I am providing all sort of aid to 9 senior citizens.


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